Some Key Interior Design Aspects: Commercial Interior Design

Plenty could come together and to consider while designing an office. It is important to understand that, designing a commercial office is very different from designing a residential outfit. When designing for home, the primary objective is to create a homely, relaxing and comfortable space while keeping every fine details around the room aesthetically pleasing. However, when we speak of office interior design, it is extremely important to focus on increasing the productivity of the employees. This involves designing around functionality, efficiency and smooth communication while designing a visually pleasing space.

In case you’re planning to hire an interior designer for your office, you should understand about various factors that one might overlook. Understanding these things will smoothen your discussion with your interior designer. It is essential to communicate with your professional designer, to ensure that your office is designed according to your personal preference, style, needs and requirements. In order to work with your designer at every step of the process, you should have decent knowledge about basic commercial interior design.

Important Factors in Designing Commercial Interior

First off, you should make sure that your designer maximizes available floor space in your office. Your office should look organized and there should be no clutter between furniture. Your employees should be able to roam around freely in the office to maximize effective communication and workflow. Employees usually work around in a limited space to get personal work done in given job scopes. Therefore, your interior designer must not neglect the importance of air circulation and ventilation. This involves clever design with air conditioning units, or add several air purifiers in strategic locations to make sure quality air circulation.

Lighting is another important factor where many designer neglects. Your employees will need adequate lighting to make sure work can be done properly. Absence of lighting may result in less productivity and efficiency. Consult your interior designer to make use of a combination of natural lighting and artificial lighting to strike balance.

The next challenge is to create adequate storage spaces, which you will find handy along time as your business grows. Your employees will also require good amount of storage space for file keeping. Keep in mind to station storage cabinets close to each workstation so employees need not to travel far to fetch or to keep documents. This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of an effective commercial interior design.  In the same way, conference and meeting rooms should also be within everyone’s reach. These rooms should be equipped with efficient communication tools such as (either portable or built in) projectors, white boards, proper telecommunication devices etc. Hence, a designer should make sure that there are enough electrical sockets in such rooms.

Last but not the least, while choosing artwork or prints to spice up the ambience of the office; make sure they speak your corporate culture. These will add distinct identity to your office when stakeholders visit your office. Urban Design provides you with top notch commercial interior design ideas and services. Call us up for professional consultation.

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