Residential Interior Design Trends for 2019

Decorating your home often seems like a task that is overwhelming. The best solution is that you adopt any or a combination of residential interior design trends which suit your needs. However, while there is a high chance that you will not be revamping your home every time there is a new interior decoration trend, it makes sense to keep tabs on the trending design ideas for a home makeover. Understanding design trends even better for you if you happen to plan for your home renovation this year.

There are numerous design trends that can help in renovating your home with ease and confidence. And there are many different creative ways we can be able to work interior design trends into the living space, slowly curating your home to make it feel fresh and up to date. Consequently, according to our residential interior design experts in Malaysia, here are some of the top interior design trends that are making their way into people’s homes in 2019 and even beyond.

Indoor Gardens
In Malaysia, just like in other cities, the green spaces ratio is lessening. As a result, a good number of Malaysians are resorting to indoor gardens caring, making it one of the popular residential interior design trends.

However, to make your indoor garden really flourish, you should thoroughly consider the garden location, its aesthetics, and the plants to be used.

Foldable furniture is increasingly being adopted as a solution to small interior spaces in the homes of Malaysians. Foldable furniture is able to provide multipurpose opportunities, catering to function and aesthetics.

Foldable furniture comes in various forms including parametric furniture, foldable sofas, and more.

Natural, Sustainable Materials
Designers and homeowners are increasingly looking towards the use of earth-friendly, sustainable materials for renovation for the purpose of minimizing the ecological footprint. This includes the use of reclaimed glass, woods, bamboo and cork, and recycled paper, especially used for lampshades.
Gallery Style
An increasing number of people are beginning to appreciate, seriously, the inherent beauty and attraction of art. That is why art is also a trending interior design idea. You can treat the interior of your home just like an exhibition or gallery space through positioning different art pieces in the corners and different interior locations of your home.

You can use 2D arts, original paintings, and photographs. The trick in displaying any forms of the art is to frame them right and if they are small, arrange them in a cluster. If you want extra visual impact, you have to use big-sized art.

Black and White Décor
This is a residential interior design trend that is truly timeless. You should incorporate the trend of black and white fixtures into the interior décor of your home for not only 209 but also the coming years. Black and white furnishings provide a visual contrast which supplies a sense of boldness and balance to your home’s feel.
Kaleidoscopic Wallpapers
The use of wallpapers is a residential interior design trend that is evergreen. With each passing year, there is usually the introduction of new designs for wallpapers. One such recent design is the kaleidoscopic wallpapers. This particular wallpaper style is rich with popping colours and geometric patterns which even though is a surprising combination still manages to be fun and sophisticated.

You can pair up kaleidoscopic wallpapers with old-fashioned wall accessories like dated chairs, old-school credenza, and retro clocks.

Centrepiece Chandeliers
If your living space already receives enough natural light and there is an availability of a source of artificial light, it is important that you also add decorative lighting. Decorative lighting is like the home’s jewellery, it helps your living space to shine and sparkle. Decorative lighting helps with expressing your style while still illuminating your space.

One decorative lighting trend that you can incorporate in the interior design of your home is a chandelier. There are various design styles of chandeliers to choose from and so you should choose wisely because a chandelier has the potential to control the final outlook of the interior of your home.

Textures when rightly incorporated into residential interior design in Malaysia can help enhance the ambiance of your space. Artfully implementing this interior design trend brings to your interiors a strong visual identity.

In conclusion, when you choose us for our professional and dedicated residential interior design service, understand that we are able to come up with and incorporate various interior design trends into your project. In Malaysia, Urban Designs Studio is the go-to residential interior design company because of our professional and experienced team.

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