Home and Furnishing in Malaysia

If you are seeking the right home and furnishing stores in Malaysia, there are some factors that must be taken into account. Since Malaysia features among the top five furniture exporters globally, you can be certain that the variety of options available would be extensive. It is essential to reflect about the purchase to ensure that you get the right products for your home. Home furnishing is simply about adding a personal touch to your home. Your home could be perfectly decorated by paying much attention to the color, textures, flooring and lighting; and that’s where Urban Design Studio comes in handy. We offer all home furnishing items such as floors, furniture, wall paneling and light fittings among others. You can customize your home furnishing products to suit your style and décor.

You can add the airiness of the outdoors into your house. Play around with the lighting to reduce shadows. Shadows can virtually break up a given room into smaller sections. Ambient and diffused lighting can help create a virtual space. Color can give a completely different look to your home. Use pastels, beiges and creams and see the walls extending to offer you more space. You can also have smoother textures on the wall as they tend to reflect light. Heavy textured walls and flooring can be used in larger rooms. Proper use of mirrors may also create larger feelings in a room. Don’t choose heavily patterned furnishing items if you want to make the most out of the available space.

Before spending any cash, you need to visualize how the furniture pieces you may be considering will look in your house. Whether to choose a complete set of home furniture or opt for individual items will be based upon your precise needs and desires. In most cases, choosing separate furniture pieces would provide you with a greater opportunity for flexibility and even further changes.

Choice and placement of home furniture could play a major role in making any room prominent. Large furniture pieces should be placed against the walls. You can position home furnishing materials, furniture, texture and artwork in a way that creates a warm and inviting environment. Put your sofas and chairs to create conversation spaces. You arrange them around a fireplace or join the space with a bright rug or carpet.

Using incandescent lighting rather than florescent and halogen lighting could help create a warm ambience. The texture could be added by bricks rather than rugs or glazed tiles and by using draperies and home furnishing items with texture.

Custom home furnishing
Cottage style: This furnishing style is associated with painted wicker furniture as well as small flower garden. Gauzy curtains blowing in the windows and the antique stoneware and quilts add to this style.

Mediterranean style: Homes decorated in this kind of style are characterized by warm earth and yellow tones and patterns having gold and blue accents.

Oriental style: This furnishing idea relies on balance and simplicity. It is sparsely furnished lacquered furniture and dragons, silk prints and oriental rugs.

Traditional style: It is a custom home decoration idea in the traditional style charms of classic elegance. It has abundant damasks, plaids and floral.

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